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Best Questions to Ask Candidates in a 30 Minute Interview


As recruiters who have successfully placed thousands of candidates and interviewed 5 times as many, we recognize the importance of asking the right questions and also keeping the interview process focused and brief.   Going into an interview, there are the 3 things you are trying to assess:

A.    JOB SKILLS:  Do they have the experience, skills and qualifications required to succeed in the role?

B.     PERSONALITY:  Would they be a good culture fit with the company and the rest of the team?

C.     INTELLIGENCE:  Are they intelligent? Can they solve problems? Work independently? Handle stressful situations? Continue reading

Culture is the Key: Recruiting, Retention and Overall Business Success

Company culture is rapidly emerging as the essential weapon in winning the war for top talent.  At one study found that applicants who were a good cultural fit would accept a lower salary and departments with cultural alignment had 30% less turnover.

“Company culture is an integral part of business. It affects nearly every aspect of a company.  From recruiting talent to improving employee satisfaction, it’s the backbone of a successful workforce.”



Corporate culture refers to the shared values, attitudes, morals and beliefs that characterize an organization and its members.  It is rooted in an organization’s goals, strategies, structure, and also its approach to employees, customers, investors and community.

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Our Work Safety Plan


Standard Safety Policies and Precautions

Every employee of Whistler and Squamish Personnel Solutions (WPS)  is required to follow the standard safety precautions that have been put in place by Work Safe BC and our province to minimize the risk of illness and injury in the workplace.   Please do what you can to keep yourself, your teammates and the public safe.

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FAQs for Employers


Q:  What EXPERIENCE does Whistler Personnel have?    [MORE]
Q:   How do your FEES for work?  [MORE]
Q:  What do you mean by GUARANTEE? [MORE]
Q:  Where do you get your CANDIDATES from?  [MORE]
Q:  What is  your PROCESS? And how long does it take?   [MORE]
Q:   What kind of SKILLS TESTING do  you do?   [MORE]
Q:  How many REFERENCES do you check?   [MORE]

Q:  What EXPERIENCE does Whistler Personnel have in recruiting and human resources?

Whistler Personnel has recruiting top talent in Whistler for more than two decades – since 1995.   Our managers also each have more than 25 years in human resources, hospitality and business management.  Click here for bios of our team.   Over the past 25 years, we have successfully place hundreds of long term and temp employees in Whistler at over 150 different businesses including these past clients: Continue reading

The Big Idea: Local company offers solution to Whistler’s employee shortage

NOVEMBER 21, 2017 12:11 PM

Whistler Personnel Solutions has declared that they are working towards resolving the employee shortage in Whistler and this solution will enable Whistler businesses to achieve organizational success.

1.JackiBissillion-RDI2017-HR-40This goal was set by Whistler Personnel Solutions’ owner, Jacki Bissillion, whose innovative employee sharing plan is both intriguing and exciting. The concept of employee sharing isn’t new, but it wasn’t something commonly practiced in Whistler, until now.

“It is our vision to match employers who need shifts covered with a large pool of certified, pre-screened, trained workers who are available for extra shifts such as bartenders, servers, housekeepers, dishwashers, baristas, chefs, bookkeepers, admin staff, event workers and so on. And it’s already happening,” said Bissillion.

This summer Bissillion’s company filled over 400 shifts for local businesses using temporary workers, plus they helped place long-term employees. Bissillion is determined to make this process affordable and streamlined so that it becomes a cost-effective and real day-to-day solution for every local small business in the community.

Last minute coverage

If you are an employer in town, then there is a good chance that at some point you have been understaffed or overworked due to the lack of people available to fill positions. Also, when creating your team’s schedule, it can be hard to plan for the unknown.

This past September Bissillion started meeting with many local business owners, stakeholders and managers. By doing this, she was able to get an even better understanding of their needs, budgets and biggest challenges. With this information, she came up with a solution.

“Next month we will be launching new technology and business systems to (help businesses) even more efficiently fill their needs.

Businesses can simply fill in a quick request on our website for workers — with as little notice as 48 hours — and we will find suitable, qualified employees to fill those shifts,” explained Bissillion.


One stop shop

Because Bissillion has been a Whistler business manager for the past 22 years, she understands staffing issues better than most.

She also knows that budgets can be tight, so it is her goal to ensure that using Whistler Personnel Solutions is both more affordable and more efficient than paying overtime and constantly doing the recruiting and hiring.

“We take care of the recruiting, screening, interviews, enrollments, scheduling, time tracking and payroll so that the business owners can focus on their operations,” said Bissillion. “And businesses are welcome to hire on any of the temporary workers we send directly if they are superstars.”


Keeping businesses open

Whistler Personnel Solutions’ employee share program not only helps understaffed employers, but also helps local workers find jobs. This past summer, Bissillion’s team helped over 250 workers earn paycheques.

“One of our hotel clients told us that without our help this past summer they would have had to close one of their (food and beverage) outlets — we sent them dishwashers, servers, and chefs to cover shifts as needed on a week-to-week basis. The chef told me that he was thrilled with our service and that ‘any day he wasn’t stuck in the dish pit himself was a good day!’” Bissillion added.


Bissillion’s final words on employee sharing

“As much as we’d all like the housing shortage in Whistler to be resolved, this is not very likely to happen in the short term,” said Bissillion. “So as a community, I think we have to look at other creative ways to solve our employee shortage problems. Staff sharing seems to be one solution that can really work and I’m delighted that Whistler Personnel has a role that we can play to facilitate this.”

SOURCE:  As Published in the Whistler Question, November 21, 2017

It’s A Brand New Day

Newsletter – March 2016 (PDF)

Well it’s official. Whistler Personnel Solutions has come of age.  After 20 years of filling shoes in Whistler, we have matured and, like a fine wine, improved in some very flavourful ways.  For starters, we have a fresh brand, logo and soon a new website.  But our most exciting change is that we’ve decide to break the mold and flip our business model on its head.

We are charting new territory, leaving traditional placement agencies behind, and realigning ourselves with what our customers need (that’s you!). Because well, let’s face it, there’s nothing traditional about Whistler or Whistler businesses – staff shortages are legendary in this town and only getting worse. Whistler Personnel Solutions has decided that it’s time that we step up and do our part to Fill the Void. Continue reading

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