Whistler PersonnelLOVES to recognize our Top Employees and Star Performers – it’s a BIG part of our company culture!  This season we will be continuing the tradition with more FUN REWARDS AND PRIZES including a new Apple Watch Series 9!

BIG WINTER GIVEAWAY!🎁Win a new Apple Watch by working with Whistler Pesronnel

We will be REWARDING  temp employees on our crew who have completed at least 10 shifts with us this winter season with the chance to win their choice of a new Apple Watch Series 9 or $500 CASH PRIZE.  Each shift worked between December 23, 2023 and April 30th 2024, earns 1 ballot in our employee draw at the end of the season.

The more shifts an employee completes, 
the better their chances of WINNING will be!

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Our clients often send us GLOWING emails about our amazing employees who have gone above and beyond during their shifts ~ and we think that these HEROES deserve recognition and rewards!    

So each month, we will be recognizing all of
our Heroes and then presenting our HERO of the Month with their choice of 5 amazing rewards:

  1. Get your heart pumping with the Superfly Zipline or get into nature with an RZR Tour with The Adventure Group ($200 towards any activity!) or
  2. A day of relaxation for two at Whistler’s Iconic Scandinave Thermal Spas or
  3. Scrumptious Sake Margaritas and Sushi ($200 gift card) at Sushi Village or
  4. Dine with friends at the new Free Bird Table and Oyster Bar ($200 gift card)!
  5. Take 3 of your friends and put your brains to the test in an escape room at Whistler Escape!

TAG Day Pass Zipline Adventure Free Bird Table and Oyster Bar Squamish  Scandinave Spa Whistler  Sushi Village Whistler  Canadian Outback Rafting in Squamish

 The hardest part will be deciding which to choose!


The discounted WB Spirit Pass is also always available to our employees!  Even after Vails’ Early Bird discounts are long gone, our employees can still enjoy access to a discounted Whistler Blackcomb Season Pass which comes with lots of other great perks as well!   Click Here for more details.


We have grown our team primarily through word of mouth and referrals from current employees so it’s only fair that we offer REFERRAL REWARDS!  Current WPS Temp Employees make an easy $50  for every new recruit that they send our way who works at least 10 shifts.  Please invite your friends, roommates, coworkers and neighbours to start picking up shifts and we will all be richer for it! 

*NEW for 2024* We also reward our Temp Employees who recommend our Temp Worker Program to local businesses who may need extra hands to help with busy weekends, employee holidays, projects or staff shortages. It’s a quick way to earn an easy $50 per business once they have booked 10 temp shifts with us!

In order to CLAIM a Referral Reward, please complete this form: 


Whistler Personnel is committed to paying our temp employees top wages for each type of position that we offer and we recognize experience with even higher base wages.   Plus we use a progressive pay system that awards pay increases based on number of Successful Shifts* completed.  The more you work with us, the more you get paid per hour! 

  • Probationary Wages:  Our minimum for each position is at least $20 plus 4% vacation allowance that is paid out on every weekly cheque.
  • Regular Wages:  After 10 successful shifts are competed the employee gets a $2/hr raise for every future shift in any position.
  • Hero Wages:  After 20 successful shifts are completed the employee gets another $2/hr raise – which means that they will earn at least $24/hr – and often more – whenever they work any position with us!

*Successful Shifts = be on time, work hard and make our clients happy.   It’s that simple!


Superhero BonusWe always pay out plenty of Superhero Bonuses to our crew to show our of appreciation for stepping up to help us out at the last minute, or for jumping to and covering a shift that is super important to our clients. 

PLUS every stat holiday offers an extra $2/hr HOLIDAY BONUS until you qualify for stat pay and then it’s 1.5x the hourly wage!


Earn RewardsWe  strongly encourage our clients to hire any of our temp workers who they think would be a great addition to their teams.  We affectionately call this our “Try Before You Apply” program and we’ve added an incentive to consider these opportunities: whenever one of our temp employees is  hired by any of our clients as a result of doing a great job as a temp, we reward them with a $50 Signing Bonus! 

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Apply Now

Not yet signed up to work with us but want to get in on all of these perks and prizes? 
To join our Temporary Worker Team and start picking up shifts,  simply  fill in a profile HERE
There are no fees, no strings and no commitments required! 

Seasonal Employee Giveaway - Apple Watch S9 or Cash



  • Whistler Personnel Solutions Inc (WPS) Temp Employees must work at least 10 shifts between December 23rd 2023 and April 30th 2024 for WPS to be eligible to win in our Seasonal Prize draw.
  • CHOICE OF AN APPLE WATCH SERIES 9 OR $500 CASH DRAW PRIZE will be awarded to the ballot chosen by random draw at the week of MAY 7, 2024.  Each shift an employee works between December 23rd 2023 and April 30th 2024 earns 1 ballot in the draw.
  • Shift assignments are allocated in Staffmate as follows:  Employees who have been requested by clients (Superstars!) are given first priority, then employees who have committed to working full time or regular days (2-5 days  a week) and then the remainder of the shifts will be allocated at our coordinators’ discretion on a first-request-first-confirmed basis to qualified employees.
  • WPS Temp Employees who are terminated or “red flagged” by WPS for breaking our no-show policy, our “two strike rule”  or for any other performance related reason will no longer be eligible for entry in this draw.
  • WPS Coordinators, Owners, and Managers are not eligible to win.
  • Payment of Cash Prizes will be issued through WPS payroll. Taxes are applicable.


  • Temp Signing Bonuses of $50 are paid to any WPS temp employee who is accepts a permanent position with one of WPS temp clients as a direct result of doing a good job for them on a temp assignment with WPS.
  • The WPS temp must notify WPS that they have accepted the position and request the Signing Bonus.
  • The Signing Bonus will be paid upon confirmation by the WPS client that the employee has been hired and has successfully completed a 30 day probationary period. 
  • Temp employees who are terminated or “red flagged” by WPS for breaking our no-show policy, our “two strike rule” or any other performance-related reason will no longer be eligible.
  • Payment will be issued through WPS payroll. Taxes are applicable.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us.