Newsletter – March 2016 (PDF)

Well it’s official. Whistler Personnel Solutions has come of age.  After 20 years of filling shoes in Whistler, we have matured and, like a fine wine, improved in some very flavourful ways.  For starters, we have a fresh brand, logo and soon a new website.  But our most exciting change is that we’ve decide to break the mold and flip our business model on its head.

We are charting new territory, leaving traditional placement agencies behind, and realigning ourselves with what our customers need (that’s you!). Because well, let’s face it, there’s nothing traditional about Whistler or Whistler businesses – staff shortages are legendary in this town and only getting worse. Whistler Personnel Solutions has decided that it’s time that we step up and do our part to Fill the Void.

Step One:  Cut Our Rates in HalfCosts Down Sign

Any business who can deliver more for less is leading the pack – so that’s what we are doing!  We no longer base our fees on a % of starting salary like traditional agencies but rather on affordability, the value we deliver and the countless hours of work, costs and stress that we save our clients.  We now charge only $2,900 for any full time employee or manager placement.

Plus we deliver even more than ever for each full placement:

  • Recruitment: Newspaper ads + posts on the most effective job boards (4-6 usually) & across social media channels.
  • Database & Networking: Work our database of candidates, industry contacts & back-channels to source the very best applicants.
  • Screening Applicants: Review every application and respond to each applicant and inquiry.
  • Interviews: Interview as many applicants as it takes to tick all of the boxes that fit our clients’ needs.
  • Skills Testing: Covering computer proficiency, spelling, grammar, accounting and more as required.
  • Professional Guidance:  It can be invaluable to get a 2nd opinion before adding an employee to the family.
  • References & Verification: Complete reference checks to validate past employment, experience & education.
  • Confidentiality: Candidates are not told who the prospective employer will be until the final interview stages.
  • Communications:  We update candidates on the process and notify all candidates when a role has been filled.
  • Additional Support: help formulating the perfect interview questions, writing a job description, creating a letter of offer, deciding on salary ranges, bonuses or benefits – we are always happy to help for no additional fee.

Step Two:  Improve and Guarantee our Results!

With the goal of maximizing our effectiveness and a focus on doing what we do best, we now only offer the 2 services that we know we deliver exceptionally well:

  1. Finding the perfect long-term employee to fit our client’s unique business needs and culture.
  2. Providing professional, reliable temporary employees to help with events, projects, seasonal variations, illnesses , vacations and unexpected staff shortages.

And we stand by our work.  Every long-term employee placement comes with a 60 or 90 day guarantee:  if they do not work out for whatever reason during that time, we will find a replacement free of charge.

Step Three:  Understand the Nature of the Staffing Crisis

We are going to work with our clients, the Chamber of Commerce and Whistler business associations to provide staffing help where it is most needed.  Please take a moment to help Whistler Personnel do our part to “Fill the Void” by talking this brief survey regarding your staffing challenges and successes:  LINK TO STAFFING NEEDS SURVEY (CLOSED)

Our clients deserve top talent – and we get it for them.

 Whistler Personnel Solutions