Q:  What EXPERIENCE does Whistler Personnel have?    [MORE]
Q:   How do your FEES for work?  [MORE]
Q:  What do you mean by GUARANTEE? [MORE]
Q:  Where do you get your CANDIDATES from?  [MORE]
Q:  What is  your PROCESS? And how long does it take?   [MORE]
Q:   What kind of SKILLS TESTING do  you do?   [MORE]
Q:  How many REFERENCES do you check?   [MORE]

Q:  What EXPERIENCE does Whistler Personnel have in recruiting and human resources?

Whistler Personnel has recruiting top talent in Whistler for more than two decades – since 1995.   Our managers also each have more than 25 years in human resources, hospitality and business management.  Click here for bios of our team.   Over the past 25 years, we have successfully place hundreds of long term and temp employees in Whistler at over 150 different businesses including these past clients:

  • RMOW
  • District of Squamish
  • Scandinave Spa
  • Four Seasons Resort
  • Bella Coola Helisports
  • Landsea Camps
  • Whistler Community Services Society
  • Westin Resort
  • Whistler Adaptive
  • Lil’Wat Nation
  • Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre
  • Tourism Whistler
  • Delta Hotel and Resort
  • Engle & Volkers Real Estate
  • Glacier Media
  • Fairmont Natures Door
  • Sea to Sky Community Services
  • Sierra Home Services
  • Whistler Film Festival
  • Elaho Medical Clinic
  • Spark Event Rentals
  • Whistler Cooks
  • Granfondo Canada
  • Gibbons Hospitality
  • Sea to Sky Welding
  • Whistler Resort and Club
  • Whistler Resort Management
  • Whistler PRIDE
  • and many, many more (the list grows every day) 

Click here to read some of our Success Stories and Click here to read a partial list of our clients

Q:  Where do you get your CANDIDATES from?

This always depends on the job.  We are recruiting 24/7 and our database of committed long-term locals is constantly expanding and we keep it current.   We get a lot of people applying in confidence who are quietly looking to make a career change or looking for some extra work.  We get many applicants on a regular basis through our advertising, website and social media channels.  Plus attract many new candidates each week who see our frequent postings on job boards.  We also are very good at headhunting and quietly reaching out to our contacts and asking for recommendations.

Q:  What kind of ADVERTISING do you do?

Often this depends on the role.   We are constantly adjusting our advertising and recruiting tactics to reflect what are currently the most effective channels for finding star candidates for our clients.  Traditional channels that were once the only place you needed to post an ad are no longer as effective as they once were so we like cover all of the bases and post positions in a variety of places which often includes:

  • our own channels (website & social media) as well as our database of candidates
  • traditional channels such as Pique, Chamber and JobsBC
  • most relevant job boards such as Craigslist & Indeed
  • social media ads, job boards and community groups
  • university alumni boards, professional and culinary associations    
  • work our connections within the industry and reach out to potential local applicants directly
Q:   What kind of SKILLS TESTING do  you do?

This depends on the job but usually we offer typing, grammar, attention to detail, excel and word,  language and spelling proficiency tests.  We can also conduct and accounting knowledge and sales skills testing.

Q:  How many REFERENCES do you check?  

Upon request, we verify work history and assess job performance with a minimum of two and most often three or four direct supervisors and colleagues.


We make the process quick and simple so that we can deliver quality people to employers within 48 hours of getting the call.   All of WPS’ temporary employees are carefully selected and pre-screened to ensure that they have the necessary skills for the job.    Once we know exactly what an employer needs, we reach out to our best suited WPS employees to confirm interest and schedule.   We take care of all of their employment details, instruct them on uniform and explain the job requirements prior to starting.   The employer meets workers at location, provides training, instructions and supervision.  Upon completing the job, the employer verifies the hours worked and completes a quick satisfaction survey to let us know how it went.  Click here for more info.  

Q:  How do your temporary placement FEES work?

Employers pay one invoice thereby eliminating the need for individual payroll cheques, T4’s and Record of Employment forms.  We take care of  all payroll and administrative responsibilities and costs for temporary employees including vacation pay, CPP, EI, WCB.    Click here for more information.  



Whistler Personnel completes all the time consuming recruitment work involved in finding a perfect new long-term employee that fits with your company’s culture and will succeed in the role that you are hiring for.  This includes:

  • Recruitment: Advertising and Job posts on numerous job boards
  • Social Media: Sharing and posting of the job opportunity across social media channels
  • Database & Networking: We work our extensive database of candidates, our industry contacts and back-channels to source the very best applicants.
  • Screening All Applicants: Review every application and respond to each inquiry.
  • Interviews: Interview as many applicants as it takes to fit our client’s needs.
  • Skills Testing: Test computer proficiency, spelling, grammar, accounting and more as required.
  • Professional Guidance: It can be invaluable to get a 2nd opinion before adding an employee to the family.  We also assist you with crafting job descriptions, offer letters, employee contracts and more.
  • References & Information Verification: Interview past employers and report the findings.
  • Confidentiality: Enables employers to find new employees privately when they need to.     
  • Communications: We keep applicants updated and notify them when a role has been filled.
  • Click here for more information
Q:  What do you mean by GUARANTEE?    

 Every long-term regular employee or management placement comes with a 30-90 day guarantee depending on the service package selected.  If they do not work out for whatever reason during that time, we will find a replacement free of charge.

 Q:  What is  your FULL PLACEMENT PROCESS? And how long does it take?

This this really depends on the position but our goal is act quickly and fill positions within 2-4 weeks.   Here’s a general outline of how we do it:

  • Recruit and gather candidates for about a week
  • Interview or screen anywhere from 5-12 candidates per position
  • Administer skill testing as indicated with our top picks
  • Select our top candidates for client interviews
  • Once a candidate is selected we check their references
  • Notify the selected candidate an offer is pending
  • Help you put together an offer letter and present it to the candidate or you can do it directly
  • Once the offer is accepted and a start date is agreed
  • Follow up with the other applicants to let them know it has been filled and thank them for their time.
 Q:   How do your FEES for work?

Unlike traditional placement agencies, Whistler Personnel does not  base service package rates on a % of starting salary but rather on affordability, the value we deliver and the countless hours of work, costs and stress that we save our clients.

  • We charge a simple flat package rate for each permanent placement or recruiting campaign;
  • Discounts are available for multiple placements;
  • With all of our packages, we guarantee that we will work with you until you’ve successfully filled the role.
  • Our fees are based on the work we deliver and due even if the candidate hired is not one of ours.
  • Please contact us for our rates and a copy of our Service Agreement.

Absolutely – this is your choice and if you hire someone independently please let us know.  Our fees are based on the work we deliver and are due even if the candidate ultimately hired is not one of the ones we presented for consideration.  So if a client does get direct applications that they’d like to be considered, we ask them to forward the candidate to our team for full screening, interviews and/or reference checks.   And we of course also recommend that clients save themselves and their company the added costs of and resources needed to advertise, recruit, screen, interview, verify and communicate with prospective candidates.  Leave all of this hard work to us – it’s what we do best!


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