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  • Whistler, BC
  • Up to $25/hr PLUS Bonuses, Rewards and Vacation pay! CAD / Hour

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- Servers and bartenders earn great wages on your schedule!

The Sea-to-Sky corridor is one of the most sought after locations for events, including banquets, conferences, weddings and parties! And where there’s an event, there’s a need for servers and bartenders!

If you want to be in the thick of the fun, contact us today to find out what serving and bartending shifts we currently have available!

POSITIONS: Servers & Bartenders
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  • DATES: Shifts available on an ongoing basis
  • HOURS: Morning, noon, and night!
  • LOCATION: Whistler, Squamish & Pemberton
  • DUTIES: Assisting with the serving and/or bartending at events, weddings and at hotels. Serving responsibilities may include banquet-style serving and clearing of tables, while bartending duties involve collecting payments from customers, cleaning the bar and area around it, washing glassware, ensuring compliance with provincial liquor and food safety regulations, assisting the event team as needed and pitching in where needed.
  • SKILLS/QUALIFICATIONS: Serving It Right certificate is required for some but not all opportunities.
  • WAGES: $20-$25/hr + 4% vacation pay
    • Whistler Personnel uses a progressive pay system that awards pay increases based on the number of Successful Shifts completed. The more you work with us, the more you get paid per hour and many shifts include extra bonuses per hour. Ask us for more details!

Junior Servers/Server Assistants (without SIR or prior experience):

  • Proby (Tier 1) = $20hr to start
  • Regular (Tier2) = $22/hr after 10 Successful Shifts
  • Hero (Tier 3) = $24/hr after 20 Successful Shifts

Bartenders/Servers (with SIR):

  • Proby (Tier 1) = $21hr to start
  • Regular (Tier2) = $23/hr after 10 Successful Shifts
  • Hero (Tier 3) = $25/hr after 20 Successful Shifts


Successful Shifts = be on time, work hard and make our clients happy. These can be in any temp position with Whistler Personnel.

AND this summer includes a +$2/hr Weekend Bonus for all shifts worked on Saturday and Sundays from July 1st-Sept 1st 2024!

Come Live, Work and Play in Whistler with us!


If you want more information, or if you’re ready to sign up, you can get in contact in one of three ways;

  1. Submit your resume and/or qualification details, see  APPLY FOR JOB link (you only need to do this once)
  2. Email info@whistler-jobs.com with any questions
  3. Or call 604 905 4194 ext 1 to speak with us directly!

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Are you looking for supplemental income, or have extra time to spare between other work? If you enjoy the flexibility to call the shots on when and where you work, temp work is for you!

Whistler Personnel has regular temp job opportunities for labourers, housekeepers, cleaners, servers, bartenders, landscapers, event installers and hosts, kitchen workers, administrators, construction workers and much more. A quick call will have you set up with our mobile app that allows you to see and sign up for any shift you like. It’s that easy!

We can provide work that suits your skills, lifestyle and schedule. It’s all about what’s right for YOU, so get in contact and let’s find out exactly what that is. Our career matching and consulting services are confidential and 100% FREE to candidates – with no strings or commitments required.


More than ever, we are rewarding our team for helping out by running Seasonal Prize Draws, Housing Rebates, Superhero Bonuses, Signing Bonuses and Referral Rewards!!
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To apply for this job please visit www.whistler-jobs.com.