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Training Wage Subsidies Available

The newly introduced WorkBC Wage Subsidy covers the wages for up to up to $7,200 per new employee and for up to 10 employees.   It is geared to newly hired or rehired laid off staff who require some on-the-job training and have potential to be long-term employees.  And let’s face it, every new or recalled employee could use some training!

Most Whistler businesses are eligible to take advantage of this incredible opportunity.  And Whistler Personnel is here to help when you are ready to submit a subsidy application or recruit your new hires.  

Here’s what you need to know (click link below to jump to that section):


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Whistler Advice and Helpful Links

Whistler is a unique place – it’s equal parts small town and international resort.  And somehow this blends beautifully into a magical place to live, work and play for over 10,000 residents that regularly call Whistler home.

However,  building a Whistler lifestyle can appear tricky at the outset.   Housing is a unique challenge – especially for those who are just arriving in town.   Pursuing a long-term career seems daunting on the surface, as most of the jobs available appear to be front-line customer service and hospitality positions.  Even buying a new pair of socks or undies can be trying if you are not looking for thermals and you are not quite sold on what the local pharmacy has on display…

But trust us, the lifestyle you get in return is worth the effort!  Plus long-term career growth opportunties are abundant and easy to build upon.   Here are some helpful links to guide you in your quest to loving life in Whistler:

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