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In support of our community, Whistler Personnel is offering several very affordable staff recruiting solutions to local businesses designed to suit their staffing needs & budgets.

results 100% guaranteedWE OFFER GREAT VALUE!  Unlike static job boards or classified ads, there are no reccurring monthly or weekly costs and our recruiting efforts continue until the position is filled.  PLUS we guarantee each of our hires for at least 30 days to ensure that we get it right!  If they don’t work out within the guarantee period, we will find a replacement for no additional cost.

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Full Placements w 90 day guarantee $2,175
Pro Talent Recruiting w 30 day guarantee $1,495
Top Talent Recruiting w 30 day guarantee $ 895
Discounted Additional Hires w Pro Talent or Top Talent Packages$ 425
“Try Before You Hire” Temps $ 425
Temporary Workers reasonable
hourly rates

Our team of job placement specialists are recruiting 365 days a year and have built an incredible database of talented, local, reliable professionals who are keen to contribute to a new team.  We use a very effective screening and interviewing process, saving our clients significant time and ensuring that they only speak with qualified, suitable candidates.

One of fastest, most effective and most affordable ways to recruit staff is our “TRY BEFORE YOU HIRE” package which allows us to send over workers for a few trial temp shifts so businesses can see if they are a good fit before they bring them on board.  It’s perfect for front-line positions like labourers, housekeeping, dishwashing, carpenters, line cooks,  front-desk and reception.

*Please contact us if you’d like to chat with our team about your specific needs or for more details.  

We look forward to helping our community recover – one successful connection at time.

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