Staffing in Whistler is a unique challenge. Your company’s best solution may be to bring in additional manpower with temporary staff.    Whistler Personnel makes the process simple and quick.  In addition to all of the usual recruiting and hiring tasks, we take care of the payroll,  source deductions, vacation pay,  WCB coverage, T4s and all other overhead costs.   You simply tell us what skills you need and when you need them and we’ll do the rest.

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Here are some scenarios when temps can help your organization:


  • Emergency Coverage
  • Staff for conferences, events and trade shows.
  • Temp coverage during the recruiting process, seasonal peaks, vacations & maternity leaves.
  • Specialized skills professionals to help with specific projects
  • Extra manpower while you are interviewing for full-time candidates.
  • ‘Try-before-you-buy’ and short term employment contracts

We can supply a vast range
of positions with as little
as 48 hours’ notice including:

Office Administration
Bookkeepers / Designated Accountants
Minute Takers/Secretaries/Data Entry
Cashier & Cash Management
Promotional & Event Hosts
Product Samplers & Merchandisers
General Labour
Event Services:
Registration & Booth Hosts
Meet & Greet / Whistler Info Hosts
Food & Beverage Staff (Food Safe & SIR Certified)
Setup & Tear-Down Crew
Supervisors and Team Leaders
Bilingual & Directional Hosts
Ushers, Ticket Takers & Coat Check